It’s freezing cold today Which means it’s finally here Time to take a break Winter is here Call out your friends and let’s play! Have your skiing gear ready Go up on snowy mountains and […]

Beautiful Stranger

It feels like déjà vuI have met you beforeThat silhouette from far awayA mysterious aura no one understands If I can, I will run thousands of miles to youIt’s a risky bet but I’ll take […]


The deserted road dimly lit in grey is so emptyI slowly push open the glass windowThe sky is so bright but there is no warmth at all The raindrops fall on my two extended palmsI […]


The mystic flower blooms in a short moment Without warning the seeds had exploded A strange blue light emerges and it makes me dizzy Mystery Mystery In a twinkle of an eye All I did […]


The smell of pine and oak From outside The touch of paper and plastic From inside The words and phrases From within Symbols and icons signifying nothing Linguistics and language interpreting everything Shelves sorted by […]