Get Rich Or Die Trying

Software Engineering Project

Team Size:
6 persons

Project length:
Nov 2017 – Dec 2017
( 7 weeks )

Target Platform:
PC (Windows, Linux, Mac)

UI Designer, Software Engineer

Technologies Used:
Slick2D (2D Java game library), Java

In-game preview of Get Rich Or Die Trying


A rogue-like dungeon game that involves the player to collect coins enough to clear a level. The player will have to start over if get in contact with a ghost. When reaching Level 3, a portal will open up and the player has to reach the portal without being hunted by a ghost.


The team worked in a SCRUM technique, where each sprint was a span of 1 week, with the use of sprint reviews, backlogs, user stories and other artefacts for the support of software development.


I created the overall user flow and wireframe for the game based on the game design. After reviewing and making changes based on feedback, I developed the user interface (UI) for the game and bridged frontend and backend code. Besides that, I implemented a camera to follow the player as they navigate through the map and added collision logic to the game. At the end of development, I created a user manual and installation guide for the game for the course requirements.

Download to play