The deserted road dimly lit in grey is so empty
I slowly push open the glass window
The sky is so bright but there is no warmth at all

The raindrops fall on my two extended palms
I watch them continue on and hear their voices echo

Oh no
Somehow I thought of you tonight
I don’t know if you’re my friend or foe
Now that everything changes
I have to pay the price

My tears well up inside my heart
No matter how hard I cried
No matter how hard I prayed
It just won’t stop

When the rain falls
Memories of you disperse the pain
When the rain falls
It washes us away from our last reparation

Just let it rain
Let me drown in those memories of me and you
Let it rain
Let me remember the good times of me and you

The ceasing rain sneers at me
And continues to strike at me
The long season of light is getting stained in the photo frame
Will the colour fade?

Slowly the night deepens
Will I lose you after the rain stops?
I cannot forget the promises made
The sun will shine
And I will bade farewell to your warm embraces
Just let it rain

You were my ray of light in my grayscale world
Let it rain
Light up my soul brightly

The comforting sound of the rain
Won’t be confusing me
As the memory traces of you gets faded in the rain

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