It’s freezing cold today

Which means it’s finally here

Time to take a break

Winter is here

Call out your friends and let’s play!

Have your skiing gear ready

Go up on snowy mountains and slide

Have your backpack ready

Get on a bus and go sightseeing

It is time for vacation

Don’t stay under your blanket

It’s not the right way to play

Hey mate

We’re on a vacation

Weather may be freezing our bodies

But not the energy burning from inside

Get up and head out now

Did I just hear the music cue?

Close the curtains

Turn off the lights

The night will be long

Let’s go, it’s our very own party

Here we go

To that unknown place

Watch the sunrise across the horizon

The sky is all so blue

A month ahead of us

We’re free to do whatever we want

It is time for vacation

Let’s go now, on a vacation

Go before the time runs out

Yeah, we need to go

Go on go on

Winter break is just right in front of us

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